Guarantees and warranties

The bed guy ONLY supplies beds manufactured from the finest materials and highest levels of workmanship. If however, you discover a defect in your new bed or mattress, please contact us at your earliest convenience so that we can address the problem in the quickest possible time.

A Factory Guarantee/Warranty Repair or Replacement Period is for faulty workmanship and faulty materials only and excludes damage caused by normal wear & tear, abuse, misuse or negligence and is free only for the guarantee period specified.

The Service Warranty Period is the balance of the period outside of the Guarantee period where the cost of the repair or replacement is borne by the customer on a pro rata basis for the remainder of the Service Warranty Period.

To determine the length of your warranty and its terms, please see the table below


Warranty period

Guarantee period

Calculation of the charges on repair or replacement AFTER guarantee period

10 years

1 year

1/10 of current retail price times number of years in use

15 years

2 years

1/15 of current retail price times number of years in use

20 years

2 years

1/20 of current retail price times number of years in use


The turning of your mattress and the rotation of the non turn mattresses is vitally important to ensure the best life and performance expectation of the mattress is met. Please see the turning sequences below



Body impressions are quite normal and should not be confused with sagging. Impressions of up to 4cm are quite acceptable as the comfort layers and spring systems are designed to compress with use.

Only the faulty item will be exchanged in the sleep set. The warranty is not renewed from date of repair or replacement but remains effective from the date of purchase.

lf identical materials are not available at the time of repair or replacement we reserve the right to substitute with materials of equal quality.



* Damage due to abuse:

Bent border wire, torn or scuffed fabric, burns, splintered wood, or being unsanitary.

* Mattresses with no labels.

* Firmness preferences which may lead to medical conditions. * Products sold as floor models

* Products subjected to weights in excess of its design limits * Sleep set heights

* Mattress damage due to use of an incorrect base. * Normal wear and tear due to product quality and its intended use. * Any damage incurred during transport by dealer or transporter to private owner.

* Transportation to inspection costs after warranty period has expired

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