Our dream systems

The bed guy only stocks the latest and most technologically advanced systems. Buy keeping abreast of world trends and advancements we are able to offer you complete satisfaction and peace of mind when deciding on one of our sleep systems.

We have four basic ranges of sleep systems. Those being, Bonnell or inner spring systems, pocket spring systems, memory foam and latex systems and multi-layered foam systems.

Each range consists of various models of selected combinations of components that give the sleeper the widest choice of comfort, support and affordability.

The Bonnell spring system

By far still the most widely used system in the world today, the Bonnell spring is an hourglass shape spring that is tied together on the top and bottom of the spring coils, each individual coil is then attached to the other coils in the system with clips and a cross wire to hold the system firmly together, finally it is encased in border wire that gives the size and shape of the specific bed and also provides the support at the edge of the bed.

The border wire ensures that the maximum sleeping surface is utilised, making sure there is no sagging at the edges. The Bonnell system compresses easily in the beginning but then firms up over time, providing a more stable feel on the bed.

It also has excellent ventilation properties that allow for clean, fresh air to travel through the mattress decreasing the chance of mould and odours building up in the mattress


The pocket spring system

The pocket spring system is a system that has hundreds of spring coils that are all individually wrapped in a fabric. This type of system allows the springs to move independently from each other.
By being independent, the springs offer many benefits with the main ones being that the mattress moulds to the body and also transfers little to no movement to your sleeping partner, as the higher and heavier points of the body come into contact with the sleeping surface, the pockets “give”, the pockets on the lighter and lower body areas remain higher, so proving the correct sleeping posture and spine alignment.

This spring system almost entirely eliminates partner disturbance as the springs do not affect each other when compressed, a very valuable characteristic if you have a restless partner.

The mattress has good ventilation properties that allow fresh and clean air to circulate throughout the bed eliminating odours, mould and aiding temperature control, especially on hot nights when air circulation is important to keep the body cool and comfortable.


Multi-layered foam systems

Our foam systems are ideal for back support and posture alignment. Manufactured to SABS standards, our polyurethane foam systems come in a wide variety of densities and hardness’s to accommodate any and all comfort and budget levels.

From a soft, plush feel to the firmer feel, we have the solution. All of our foam systems start with a support core to provide the stability needed to ensure correct posture support and spinal alignment while sleeping. The support core is then topped with various different types of foams to achieve the different comfort levels.

Due to the excellent durability and their ability to take weight, these foam systems they are highly recommended for the hospitality industry as well as for hostel and for use in kiddies rooms where trampolines and mattresses tend to take on the same role for some.


Memory foam, latex and memory gel systems

Our memory foam systems, like our multi layered foam systems, are SABS approved component foam and pocket spring systems, topped with the world renowned memory foam. The memory foam top moulds to the contour of your body through your body heat and the pressure of your weight on the foam. This gives you an ultra luxurious cushion for the most comfortable night’s sleep.
The overall construction of the bed and the components used means almost zero partner disturbances during the night too, making the bed an even wiser choice for those who love their sleep.

We also included the latest innovation, namely "gel memory foam" on our pocket spring system. The gel memory foam has all the benefits of the standard memory foam but adds to the experience in that the gel beads fuse into the memory foam allowing more airflow through the memory foam and regulating the temperature through the night. The gel also provides more strength to the foam allowing for less "give", providing those who prefer the benefits of memory foam with a slightly firmer feel for the best sleeping experience

The latex top that we have added to our ultra luxurious memory foam system compliments the whole experience by providing more durability as well a natural component that would be advantageous for those concerned about allergens and the preservation of the environment. The latex top is a 100% natural top free from any chemicals and hazardous components giving you a safe sleeping surface. The latex also provides a slightly firmer feel for those who prefer a bit more support from the luxurious cushion


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